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What is Shine 2015?

Shine is an innovative recruitment event where you get to showcase yourself in front of lots of high profile employers from across the region. This means getting the chance to impress not just a single employer but many employers in one fell swoop – think of it like a TV talent show for jobs ….. You get the chance to impress lots of employers at the same time, maximizing your chances of getting a job in just a few hours!

How does it work?

There will be a number of group activities taking place on the day that we at CCP will facilitate in order to bring out the best of your employment related talents …… the activities will be fun and designed to show you in the best light so you can be talent spotted by local employers.

Don’t worry though – CCP will prepare you fully for these activities to ensure your skills, abilities, attitude and talents shine through and give you the best chance to impress.

Is Shine a Recruitment Fair?

No! It’s so much more .. at Shine you will get the chance to impress a number of employers first hand, by taking part in group activities, so they can talent spot you and make you an employment offer there and then or ask to see you for a 1:1 interview or afterwards at their premises ….. You do the same amount of work as you would for one employer but get exposure to many at the same time! Wow – that’s efficient!

Can I turn up on the day?

No – because this is a talent showcase, you can’t simply turn up on the day as we need to schedule you into sessions and also ensure you are fully prepared to impress! The idea is that you are made job offers or at least final stage interviews at the end of these sessions.

As part of Shine, we are also running a more traditional recruitment fair, together with free workshops on CV writing and interview practice, and for these parts of the day you can register when you arrive. You won’t be able to take part in our innovative recruitment activities however if you turn up without being scheduled in by CCP as these are pre booked.

Can anyone attend?

Yes, anyone can attend the jobs fair part of the day but for the talent showcase, some criteria do need to be met. Contact CCP for more information using the application process above. You also need to be available for up to a maximum of three days ahead of the event to work with CCP, to ensure you are fully prepared to impress and know what is expected of you – you may be required to attend for less but this will depend on how prepared you are.

What jobs are on offer?

On the day there will be more than 800 vacancies open to you with high profile employers from across the region attending including Barclays, Tesco Bank, BT/Manpower and More Than. These vacancies are all based in the customer experience industry including financial services, contact centre, sales, customer service and IT. On the pre event training and support with CCP, we will work through these roles and options in detail.

How do I get involved?

If you want to be talent spotted by employers, then it’s really simply – contact CCP to pre book a showcase session and access our free support to ensure you know what to expect and are able to shine through!

Why do I need to attend pre event support and training?

Recruitment is competitive and employers have exacting standards. We will work with you to ensure you will not only meet employer standards but also shine through to get you that job you want! We advise you to be prepared to spend 3 days with us although this may be less depending on your needs and the current status of your CV.

Where and When?

The actual event is taking place at The Stadium of Light on 12th February 2015 but remember, to showcase yourself in front of employers and get talent spotted, you need to pre book a session and access CCP support to ensure you are fully prepared.


If you would like to apply to Shine, the North East’s Premier Recruitment Event, to get yourself a great job, please complete the following.

Email Address:
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What is your current employment status?

Are you currently employed?
Are you claiming Benefit?(if yes, please state which)

Are you available to attend CCP’s 3 day pre showcase preparation and support

Please note that if you are unable to attend the pre showcase preparation support session you will not be able to showcase yourself in front of employers on the day.

You will still be able to attend our free workshops on CV writing and interview practice in addition to attending the recruitment fair.

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