Which sector is right for you?


Contact centres offer some fantastic job and career opportunities. They have a strong team culture making them fun and supportive places to work. Training in contact centres is ongoing and robust from induction through to regular coaching sessions. Beyond job specific training, many contact centres have extensive development opportunities both to develop skills for vertical progression as well as horizontal progression. Often this training is linked to nationally recognised qualifications such as NVQs and Apprenticeships. Contact Centres offer a fantastic rewards package to all employees to thank them for playing a big part in their success. This includes a competitive starting salary which will grow as you do. The annual holiday entitlement is attractive too. No experience is necessary for many roles we have available and you won’t require qualifications. Brilliant! A great opportunity and you don’t have to ask to go to the loo!


Sales offer some fantastic job opportunities which usually start with a higher than average starting salary. Sales roles have amazing opportunities to boost your earning potential. Thousands of pounds can be achieved in commission alone. You will of course be working to targets and you’ll always be encouraged to do better through a range of incentives. In a sales role you will normally find that there is an active social scene as those who work hard also play hard. There are good career progression opportunities available alongside a great benefits package including, pension, life assurance and generous holiday entitlement. Sales is no longer about being pushy or having the gift of the gab – due to legislation and codes of practice, it’s a profession with skills we can teach you. It’s a massive growth area of our economy and region so talk to us about the high number of very wide ranging roles we have on offer.


Financial Services offers a professional career without necessarily needing entry qualifications. Roles and career options include insurance, mortgage advice, accountancy, banking and financial planning. Employers offer excellent starting salaries and there is usually opportunities for commissions that can increase your overall monthly income significantly. Excellent benefits are usually offered including, pension, life assurance and generous holiday entitlement. Some employers also offer discounted lending rates and reduced payments on fee paying current accounts. For most career entry roles you won’t require previous experience or qualifications. If you require a professional qualification then the company you work for will pay for you to do it. Full initial training will be offered from induction through to regular coaching sessions. You will need to pass a credit check to be employed in financial services.


If you love to know what will be the next big thing or the latest fashion then this is the job for you. New merchandise will hit the shop floor at least 2 months before the next season comes around so you can be ahead of the trend. You will usually receive great discounts on the products your store sells. If you have to wear the product at the store you work in, you will be given a big discount entitlement, sometimes up to 70%. If you know that retail is where you want to be then the sky’s the limit with regards to career progression. There are people that have started out as a Sales Associate that have worked their way up to being a District Visual Manager in London! Most retail employers will support you through a relevant qualification. Be prepared to give up a lot of your weekends, early mornings and some late nights too. This includes bank holidays. No experience is necessary for most entry level roles you won’t require qualifications


If you Find fulfilment in giving other people satisfaction and maybe even happiness then this could be a great sector for you. How much you get paid will depend on the role but most hospitality roles will earn tips. You will usually receive really good discounts when you spend money at the place you work. Depending on where you work you could be surrounded by splendour when you’re at work. It could be a place that people save up all year to visit and you get paid to be there. You can work your way up the career ladder and qualifications are not usually required. Be prepared to give up some weekends, early mornings, late nights and bank holidays.


If you enjoy using technology, then a career in ICT and customer experience could be for you. Salaries are good and once you’re established your earning potential is excellent and usually accompanied by a great benefits package including, pension, life assurance and generous holiday entitlement. Industry training will be provided and if you require a qualification or certificate then the company you work for will pay for you to do it. Career progression opportunities are very good as this industry is so big plus roles are really varied as ICT covers so many sectors.