Inward Investment

CCP are effective in supporting both the location of new centres as well as the retention and expansion of existing sites. As a highly successful pre-employment model securing over 75% of graduates into sustainable employment, we support inward investment by

  • Sourcing and training candidates for interview/selection testing free of charge and taking the risk out of it for you
  • Supporting with premises to undertake recruitment campaigns whilst you are setting up
  • Understanding the detail of the recruitment market in the north east
  • Helping you sift candidates free of charge against your role profiles and pre requisites
  • Bringing a new source of valued recruits into the labour market, reducing the shortages of skills and people that threaten relocation of industry
  • Improving attrition rates of new employees, through the provision of recruits with clear and managed expectations about the sector and with appropriate skills and behaviours
  • Improving the return on investment on recruitment campaigns
  • Reducing search costs and simplifying the recruitment process for candidates

Contact us for a detailed support package or to discuss your specific requirements